Innovative Retailing - Leaders in Electronic Shelf Label Solutions

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Innovative Retailing - Leaders in Electronic Shelf Label Solutions

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Innovative Retailing - Leaders in Electronic Shelf Label Solutions

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Shelf Edge Solutions is a full-service provider of electronic shelf label technology.  As a premier solution provider and distribution partner for SoluM ESL, the World’s leading manufacturer of e-paper based electronic shelf labels, Shelf Edge Solutions brings the latest technology in retail pricing solutions to the forefront of Canadian brick and mortar retailers, large and small.  Electronic shelf labels provide a centralized, integrated solution that enhance your business workflows and operations.  Retailers worldwide are transforming the shopping experience with electronic shelf labels and engaging with customers at the shelf edge, where purchasing decisions are made.


Introducing SoluM Newton Electronic Shelf Labels

As a spin-off company of Samsung, SoluM ESL has 45 years of experience with wireless communication technologies and devices. SoluM’s technical excellence, when combined with the local dedicated service and technical support of Shelf Edge Solutions, provides a proven industry leading electronic shelf label solution for your business.  With over 11 million + electronic shelf labels installed in more than 2,000 stores across Canada, Shelf Edge Solutions has the experience and knowledge to support your business. Discover your return on investment with electronic shelf labels today.

A whole new way to engage with customers at the shelf edge

Instantly change product prices, launch promotions and engage with shoppers at the shelf-edge, in every store, within seconds.

Electronic Shelf Label Benefits

Electronic Shelf Labels replace paper price tags with digital price tags that can be updated automatically.

100% Price Accuracy

Eliminate manual pricing errors, improve inventory turns and see a sales lift.

Cost Effective

Reduce operating costs and increase productivity.

Enhanced Customer Service

Display accurate prices and improve customer experience with POS and POP price integrity.

Omni-Channel Integration with NFC Linkage

Integrate retail & online stores with social media and mobile apps.

Dynamic Pricing

Real-time dynamic pricing updates allow you to set prices based on time of day and inventory levels.


Environmentally friendly, ESL significantly reduce greenhouse gases and paper waste.

About Shelf Edge Solutions

With successful electronic shelf label installations at more than 2,000 stores across Canada we have the experience and national support network to help you succeed with ESL.  Shelf Edge Solutions is an industry leader in the sales, implementation and technical aftersales support for SoluM electronic shelf labels.  We drive customer satisfaction to the highest levels by servicing our customers whenever and wherever we are needed.