SoluM's Solution Platform

Fastest & real-time update

Shelf Edge system has the industry’s fastest update speed at 2Mbps data rate, high performance MCU and RAM/Flash memory, compressed data transmission, and optimized communication protocol.

Now you could focus on more important tasks, rather than manually updating price labels, which positively impact your business and improve customers’ experience.

Real-time system

Shelf Edge real-time system is designed to update fast enough to answer immediate update needs. Utilizing a real-time system, various user interactive solutions are possible, such as Button Feedback, LED Blinking, LBS inventory management, and a real-time stock alert feature.

Multi RF Technologies

Shelf Edge is the only ESL company who has both 2.4GHz and 900MHz RF solutions. Retailers can select between either 2.4GHz or 900MHz upon store environment needs.

Various ESL server platform

Shelf Edge was the first company to deploy Central Server in the ESL industry with very stable and seamless performance. Central server – in HQ or Data center instead of individual store server – could reduce significant infrastructure and management requirements.

Local server

Central server

Cloud server

Shelf Edge’s Cloud Server is optimized to perform in modern Cloud environment, enabling retailers to reduce infrastructure and management requirements.

Easy installation & convenience features

Shelf Edges’s ESL tags and Gateway, does NOT require an additional registration process and can be installed/assigned right out of box. ESL can be connected to Gateway simply by scanning barcodes, making the process easy and simple for store associate.

Central monitoring system

Shelf Edge provides a web-based ESL management system that monitors ESL statuses (battery status, networks and Gateway status) for each individual store.

Layout Designer

Shelf Edge provides an ESL Tag display layout management tool that allows the system manager to easily design ESL layouts.

Scheduling Update

Shelf Edge’s Scheduling feature allows ESL updates to be set at a predefined date/time. Once the information is received by the ESL, the tags will update at scheduled time even if it’s disconnected from the GW.

Location based service (LBS)

SoluM’s ESL system supports Location Based Service allowing automated product location management and product navigation by detecting signal strength between the Gateways and ESLs.